Fixing Social Media Before It Destroys Us

Are you getting sick of bots, fake users and ads ruining your social feeds?

We were too so we're making something... Better

What's Better about it?

Simply put, everyone you interact with is a real person.

Better is a microblogging platform.

It has all the features you would expect to see on any other similar platform without fake accounts.

Post public messages, follow your friends and people you admire, add and follow #hashtags, user profiles, direct's all there.

Aside from a few features (check them out below) the only thing that's different is that you can feel secure knowing that everyone you interact with is actually a real person.

Not just a(nother) Twitter clone

We're not throwing shade at any particular social media and/or microblogging platform because - let's be realistic - they can all use some improvement. With industry estimates running somewhere between 6-20% for fake accounts across all platforms, there's still plenty of room in the market for a Better solution.

We have taken some of the most common feature requests from *real people* and incorporated those ideas into our platform. Check it out.

Validated Accounts

We will take extra steps to ensure 100% of the accounts on Better are validated and connected to real people. Ongoing, random re-verification will ensure that approved accounts remain with the people they should.

'No Ads' Option

Like other popular social media platforms, Better will be free for all users at the point of use being supported by advertising. However, if you would prefer an ad-free option, sign up for our £5 per month paid account instead.

One word: "Edits"

Yes, Better users will be able to edit their posts for 24-hours - after that, they are locked. A permanent log of all versions will be retained for security purposes to protect users from online bullying, etc.

Get on the VIP Waiting List Now!

We're still working on finishing the MVP of the platform, but we're already building a list of people who are interested in supporting us. If you sign up now, there could be some amazing bonuses later! Just sayin'...

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